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Media and Reporters - There are many Jedi (Real not role playing organizations and churches).  Here is a handy directory for you.
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Data as of February 1, 2016

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Jedi Churches Directory

Check for site traffic.  Facebook Groups lists the number of members.

(All the churches are online.)

Known Existing Jedi Churches in Order of Establishment (English Language)

Note: rank - lower is better - example, is 1.

Jedi Sanctuary (Established 2002 discontinued in 2006) see: established 2003.  (Most activity on Facebook now.)  Facebook Members 9,413. rank
established 2005.  Facebook Page Does Not Accept Members but directs them to the site; 5,784 Likes. rank
362,242Recognized Public Charity by the United States Government.
established March 2007. rank
established 2008.  Facebook Members Public Group 2,347.  Facebook Members Closed Group (Training Members) 193. rank

Non-Church Jedi Organizations of Note (